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Management Committee


MC Chair Prof Giuseppe COLLA (IT)
MC Vice Chair Dr Francisco PEREZ ALFOCEA (ES)

■ Data registration in e-COST pending subject to online registration and nomination acceptance by nominee.

COST Participants

CountryMC Member
Belgium Ms Lieve WITTEMANS
Belgium Ms Justine DEWITTE
Bulgaria Dr Nikolay VELKOV
Bulgaria Prof Rossitza RODEVA
Croatia Dr Smiljana GORETA BAN
Croatia Dr Katja ZANIC
Cyprus Dr Marios KYRIACOU
Cyprus Mr George SOTERIOU
Czech Republic Dr Pavel VÍTÁMVÁS
France Mr François VILLENEUVE
France Dr Sarah COOKSON
Germany Dr Dietmar SCHWARZ
Germany Dr Rita GROSCH
Greece Ms Georgia NTATSI
Greece Prof Dimitrios SAVVAS
Hungary Dr Noémi KAPPEL
Hungary Prof Noemi LUKACS
Israel Dr Menahem EDELSTEIN
Israel Dr Roni COHEN
Italy Prof Cherubino LEONARDI
Italy Mr Alberto BATTISTELLI
Latvia Dr Liga LEPSE
Malta Mr Charles ZAHRA
Netherlands Dr Jan Henk VENEMA
Netherlands Dr Anja DIELEMAN
Norway Dr Ivan PAPONOV
Norway Dr Carl SPETZ
Portugal Prof Isabel MOURAO
Portugal Dr Elvira FERREIRA
Romania Dr Marian BOGOESCU
Romania ■ Dr Victor LACATUS
Slovenia Dr Nina KACJAN MARSIC
Slovenia ■ Dr Dominik VODNIK
Spain Dr Francisco PEREZ ALFOCEA
Spain Dr Carmina GISBERT
Switzerland Dr Cédric CAMPS
Turkey Dr Halit YETISIR
Turkey Prof Sevilay TOPCU
United Kingdom Dr Andrew THOMPSON
United Kingdom Dr Ian C. DODD
CountryMC Substitute
Belgium Dr Tom BEYERS
Czech Republic Dr Petr SOUDEK
France Ms Marie TORRES
Greece Prof Ebrahim KHAH
Greece Prof Andreas VOLOUDAKIS
Hungary Dr Zsofia BANFALVI
Italy Dr Mariateresa CARDARELLI
Italy Dr Giovanna GILARDI
Portugal Prof Luis Miguel BRITO
Turkey Dr Onur KARAAĞAÇ
Turkey Dr Abdullah ULAS

COST Near Neighbour Countries

Institution NameMC Observer
Agriculttural University of Tirana Prof Astrit Balliu
Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Veterinary Medicine, Lebanese University This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

COST International Partner Countries

Institution NameMC Observer
North Carolina State University Dr Frank Louws
College of Horticulture & Forestry, Huazhong Agricultural University Prof Zhilong Bie
College of Horticulture & Forestry, Huazhong Agricultural University Dr Yuan Huang
The Ohio State University Dr Matthew D. Kleinhenz
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