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Antalya (SC + WGs)

Steering Committee

2-4 March 2015 Antalya

 The main topic of the meeting: Rootstock-mediated improvement of fruit quality and underlying biological mechanism

Greenhouses Antalya


Scientific Program



2nd March session 1


1 General status of vegetable sector in Turkey (Prof. Dr. Kazım Abak)


2. Cucurbit germplasm in Turkey and their rootstock potential (Prof. Dr. Nebahat Sarı)


3. Solanaceae germplasm in Turkey and their rootstock potential (Dr. Abdullah UNLU & Dr. Davut Keleş)


2nd March  session 2


1 Effect of rootstock on volatile compounds in grafted vegetables (Prof. Dr. Zehra Güler)


2 Phytochemical characteristic of grafted watermelon on different bottle gourds (Prof. Dr. Elif Candır)


3.Plant growth, yield and fruit quality parameters of grafted watermelons on citrullus lanatus var. citroides genotypes (Assoc. Prof. Dr. İlknur Solmaz)


3rd March session 3


1 Effect of rootstock on storage duration self life of grafted watermelon (Prof. Dr. Elif Candır)


2. How does grafting effect fruit quality of Solanaceous crops? (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gölgen Öztekin)


3. Characterization of Alata Horticultural Research Station Tomato Core Collection for Quality Parameters (Dr. Davut Keleş)


4. Effect of grafting on yield and quality of grafted tomato under drought stress (Firdes Ulaş)


3rd March session 4


1.  Organic vegetable seedling production (Prof. Dr. Yüksel Tüzel)


2. Assessment of two local eggplant varieties as rootstocks under salt stress conditions (Prof. Dr. Şebnem Ellialtıoğlu)


3. Rose rootstocks used in Turkey, and their effects on yield and quality (Prof. Dr. Ercan Özzambak)


4.  Mineral nutrition to improve yield and quality of fruit bearing vegetables (Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Ulaş).



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