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STSM research projects description

STSMs completed and topics :

  1. Do vigorous root systems mediate rootstock effects on resource capture?
  2. ABA and CK signaling in root-to-shoot communication to improve salt-tolerance in tomato.
  3. Investigating the impact of grafting on mycorrhiza colonization success and the simultaneous usage of both to improve salt tolerance of tomato.
  4. Selectıon of rootstocks that support plants to produce more fruıt chlorophyll synthesis.
  5. Tomato rootstocks to improve the tolerance agaiınst abiotic stresses.
  6. Reduction of nickel translocation from roots to shoots in tomato by grafting onto Solanum rootstocks.
  7. Chlorophyll fluorescence imaging (CFI) technique
  8. An STSM to kick-start the fine-mapping of a genetic locus that increases tomato root biomass by 40%
  9. An STSM to kick-start the creation and implementation of a database for vegetable rootstocks
  10. Response of some cucurbit genotypes to salt stress
  11. An STSM for the creation and implementation of a database providing information about the use and development of vegetable rootstocks
  12. Assessing the properties of the photosynthetic apparatus in grafted plants under abiotic stress by chlorophyll fluorescence imaging
  13. Does cadmium modulate water relations and transpiration of wild-type and cadmium-tolerant mutant peas under cadmium stress?
  14.  Effectiveness of grafting to improve acidity and aluminum toxicity tolerance in tomato
  15. Assessing the importance of the root system in long-distance versus local signaling
  16. Transcriptomic characterization of ABA overproducing tomato rootstocks grown under salinity conditions
  17. Interactions of grafting and shading in a greenhouse pepper crop
  18. Evaluation of cucurbit rootstock germplasm
  19. Interactions of shading and rootstock/scion combination on physiological and antioxidant parameters and fruit quality aspects of grafted pepper plants grown in greenhouse in a spring-summer crop

For more information and full reports you can e-mail to the STSM Coordinator: Prof. Dimitios Dimitrios Savvas, Department of Crop Science, Agricultural University of Athens, Athens (EL), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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